Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movin and Groovin

I knew it was coming... I tried not to encourage it, but the day came anyway.... the day Roman finally decided he wanted something bad enough to crawl for it. And what is this item you might be asking...his favorite stuffed animal, his move and crawl ball, the tunnel that is suppose to encourage, no, no: the tv remote! We should have known, since he was like 3 months old, he has been amazed by the remote and how it lights up and is always an arms reach away. We moved furniture yesterday because I felt this was coming real soon (I just didn't know the next morning)so we moved the coffee table out of the way so there is alot of room. I was sitting in the floor with him, b/c his favorite thing to do is have a sturdy hand to stand up with, and I had the remote to my side. Well it got in his view and off he went, 3-4 moves and it was in his hands. So after freaking out, I did what every Mom does....grab the video camera and have him do it again! This time it took pushing a button and having it light up. Next time I had to put my iphone down beside it. We have learned that he only crawls for things he really wants. So far he has crawled for: the remote, cell phone, sheet on a table, coupon junk paper that comes once a week in the mail, the string to my camera, and the computer skyping my parents! Maybe tomorrow Mommy and Daddy will make the list!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pulling the Plug

***WARNING*** The following blog may not be suitable for all readers ***WARNING***

Ok, you've been warned! For the greater part of my life I have looked forward to nursing my child. I've always thought what a sweet, loving time I would have with my child and would just love it! Well, that's not quite how it went.
During my pregnancy, I did everything I was suppose to to prepare myself for nursing: I read books, I went to breastfeeding class, I bought nursing bras, pads, pump....I was ready, so I thought! Day 2 in the hospital, the nursing consultant informs us that since Roman was so small, his tongue was a little further back so I should wear nipple shields to help him out. (Now this was briefly mentioned in class) So, not only was I to wear these while nursing but I also was suppose to wear what I called "turtles" when I was not. So once my milk came in, these things would be filled up with milk if it was time to feed or when a baby would cry. And Roman would fall asleep the whole time feeding so it would take like 45 mins and I had to feed him every 2 hours so I barely had enough to time shower and dress before I had to nurse again. Nursing with the shields was just a mess, leaking everywhere. It got to where it would wear poor Roman out trying to get milk through them but he had gotten used to the rubber texture that skin felt weird. Finally, at 3 months I got to nurse like a normal mother. Well, I'll go ahead and tell you, by then I just wasn't a huge fan.
Also b/c Roman was small we started supplementing formula at about 2 months and cereal at 4. Then he got in a phase where he had better things to do that lay down like a baby and nurse, so I had to start pumping so he would get more than what he would sit for, except for in the morning. And now that we are on jar food too ( that's right, nursing/pumping, formula, cereal/baby food...I'm not busy at all) And somehow I started pumping less and less, and then was just nursing in the morning.
Finally I came to the decision to "pull the plug" after the Remix recovery week, just to keep his immune system up. It was bittersweet, b/c I wanted to give him the best I could for as long as I could. My original goal was 9 months but 7 1/2 isn't too bad. I hate to say I'm kinda excited to feel like I have my body back, less bottles to clean, getting fitted for a REAL bra and not having to hear that pump anymore!!!! But I will miss the times around the family when I get to take Roman in another room and have mommy/son time.
All I can hope for now is that I've done a good job with Roman and hope it's not so hard with the next child!