Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday Roman had his 10th month birthday and while I'm taking his picture ( because that must be done on your birthday, duh!) ...(well and everyday for that matter), Reed calls me to tell me, he thinks he's been robbed! While he's driving down the road he realizes his GPS is gone, then that his gym bag is gone! So after going through shock and retracing his steps, we came to the conclusion of where it must have happened.
Reed went to a youth ministers meeting in Dallas, so he was dressed nice. On his way back he wanted to get his haircut, so he pulled over at a random hotel to change clothes( so he wouldn't get hair all over his new xmas clothes)in the bathroom. No biggie, in and out in less than 10 mins.
Well, that's where it happened, in the hotel parking lot! They broke his lock, stole the GPS, an old wallet that had nothing important in it from the console, and his gym bag with shoes, clothes and toiletries. Apparently "these guys" have been hitting the hotels down the street too. When Reed called the hotel and told him where he parked they said that that side is the one camera that is broken, of course!
SO...this morning we have to pay $440 to get the lock on the door fixed,and Reed took his clothes to the gym in a Walmart sack!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A couple of days ago Roman decided to craw from the living room to our bedroom to our bathroom. Playing with toys along the way, ( we have them stationed in each room depending on where we are)and I followed him with my camera to get some candid shots.
-----Sidenote---- I got an awesome new camera for Christmas that I am still trying to learn about. I'm even going to class to learn about photography. I'm enjoying it alot. My new spare time is spent researching websites.
While we were in our bathroom and I saw the pretty light coming through the window, I thought, Hey! Let's dress you up and do a photo shoot. So we went upstairs to his room and changed his clothes into something much cuter. When we came back down I set him down in our bedroom, picked up a gold chair and put it in the bathroom then went back, got Roman and put him in the chair. Well, Roman was in the BEST mood! Just a smiling and playing with his toes, and I was saying Humpty Dumpty over and over to him to get him to laugh. And then he picked up his foot real high and smiled real big, and I caught the shot, with my new awesome camera...and then I saw it...something black in his mouth! So I drop the camera, very carefully, it is new, ya know! and go see what I saw and there I found a bug...a dead bug...with wings!!!! I was freaking out!!!! In the time that I put the chair in the bathroom, he found a dead bug and put it in his mouth. And the part that kills me the most is, here I thought he was loving taking pictures and my singing, nope, he had a bug he was chewing on! YUCK!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paisley inspired

I twitter, but really it's just to be nosey about celebrities and read something I do not need to remember before going to sleep. I follow Brad Paisley on Twitter, who is quite funny, and his last tweet of 09' "Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." and it got me thinking...How cool would it be if every night before going to bed, I wrote a favorite memory of the day of Roman. He should be walking and talking very soon...and obviously I'm not a consistent blogger and every mother knows it's hard to sit down and write down everything he's done and said...but if I make a habit, I think I could day by day. Well, we see how it goes. My memory from yesterday was that after he woke and I got him from upstairs and brought him to our bed to take his bottle in our bed. He drank for a while and then rolled over and crawled on top of me, moved my sleeping mask that was half over my face and planted a big kiss on my lips! Now that's how you start a new year off right!!!!