Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday Roman had his 10th month birthday and while I'm taking his picture ( because that must be done on your birthday, duh!) ...(well and everyday for that matter), Reed calls me to tell me, he thinks he's been robbed! While he's driving down the road he realizes his GPS is gone, then that his gym bag is gone! So after going through shock and retracing his steps, we came to the conclusion of where it must have happened.
Reed went to a youth ministers meeting in Dallas, so he was dressed nice. On his way back he wanted to get his haircut, so he pulled over at a random hotel to change clothes( so he wouldn't get hair all over his new xmas clothes)in the bathroom. No biggie, in and out in less than 10 mins.
Well, that's where it happened, in the hotel parking lot! They broke his lock, stole the GPS, an old wallet that had nothing important in it from the console, and his gym bag with shoes, clothes and toiletries. Apparently "these guys" have been hitting the hotels down the street too. When Reed called the hotel and told him where he parked they said that that side is the one camera that is broken, of course!
SO...this morning we have to pay $440 to get the lock on the door fixed,and Reed took his clothes to the gym in a Walmart sack!


  1. It was problaby an employee who knew that the camera was broken. In fact, that employee probably made sure it was broken. That stinks...