Saturday, January 9, 2010


A couple of days ago Roman decided to craw from the living room to our bedroom to our bathroom. Playing with toys along the way, ( we have them stationed in each room depending on where we are)and I followed him with my camera to get some candid shots.
-----Sidenote---- I got an awesome new camera for Christmas that I am still trying to learn about. I'm even going to class to learn about photography. I'm enjoying it alot. My new spare time is spent researching websites.
While we were in our bathroom and I saw the pretty light coming through the window, I thought, Hey! Let's dress you up and do a photo shoot. So we went upstairs to his room and changed his clothes into something much cuter. When we came back down I set him down in our bedroom, picked up a gold chair and put it in the bathroom then went back, got Roman and put him in the chair. Well, Roman was in the BEST mood! Just a smiling and playing with his toes, and I was saying Humpty Dumpty over and over to him to get him to laugh. And then he picked up his foot real high and smiled real big, and I caught the shot, with my new awesome camera...and then I saw it...something black in his mouth! So I drop the camera, very carefully, it is new, ya know! and go see what I saw and there I found a bug...a dead bug...with wings!!!! I was freaking out!!!! In the time that I put the chair in the bathroom, he found a dead bug and put it in his mouth. And the part that kills me the most is, here I thought he was loving taking pictures and my singing, nope, he had a bug he was chewing on! YUCK!!!!


  1. Somehow they always find that kind of stuff! I saw a friend's baby do that a couple of years ago and Campbell did the same thing when he was crawling. I think it's because they are so close to the ground that they see the stuff that we have no idea is even there. You know what gross as it is, they will survive!

  2. Jared and I really enjoy reading your blog! We feel like we keep in touch this way! :) Hope you are all doing well! Sounds like Roman is growing up so fast!! He is all boy!!

  3. It only gets worse. I'm amazed at the things Silas will find and stuff into his mouth, so gross! Glad you are back blogging. Missed reading it :)

  4. I'm good at Photoshop if the picture is worth saving! I can make it look like the bug neverrrrr happenedddd.