Monday, October 26, 2009

Going Digital

About 6 years ago I got this awesome film camera for my birthday. It was a Canon Rebel, really nice camera! It took beautiful pictures and Mom was even able to embroider my name on the strap b/c another girl at church had the same one. I used it and loved it til I heard about digital cameras that let you take pictures and see what you've shot to know if you got a good picture or not. And you could shoot in color and make it be black and white without having to have separate film, how cool! So the summer of Courtney's wedding before our out of the country mission trip I decided to "make the switch" and go digital. I decided on a Kodak camera with dual lenses and an incredible zoom, I love an awesome zoom! It's great for what I needed, pocket size and a zoom like a big camera. Well, I've noticed since we've had Roman that there is a long delay between pictures, like 5 whole seconds, and if you have a kid you know that's like missing tons of smiles that happen after the first flash!!!! .......
When we moved to Texas we were introduced to what I named "the beige Walmart". We were told it was a Target competitive a tester. Well, it's awesome! And you would drive to the other end of town to go to it, well in Texas, it is the other town. Anyway, apparently the tester got an A because this year the star logo changed to this digital looking star and one by one they have been remodeled. The remodel consisted of fabric-gone, which was torturing to see go, and the health and beauty on the food side which is so helpful........
Well, last week I took Roman to a little park to take some pictures. And I thought, "Hey, I'll take my film camera too and I can just have it developed to a picture cd!" So, I felt like I got some really good pictures b/c I can shoot so much quicker. So..... to tie both these stories together....
I go to Walmart today and take my film up to the photo desk and say I would like a picture cd. I was then informed that as of July (when our Walmart was remodeled) they took their film developing machine away and are all digital. But said I could still go to Walgreens and get it developed.
So the moral of this story is: If your Walmart has not been remodeled lots of fabric and use up all your leftover 35mm film!
Hey Santa! I think I need a new camera for Christmas!!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I hate that my camera takes so long to snap a picture. I can never get good shots of both kids looking and smiling. I want a new camera too! Hopefully Santa can answer both our wishes :)

  2. All I can say is I just completely stink in the whole photography department. Period. I could only DREAM they would over haul the Wal-Mart here. Satan, I tell ya!