Thursday, October 29, 2009

V I C T O R Y!!!

Roman became an official youth minister's kid this past weekend by attending his first real youth event. He's gone to bible studies and devos before but this past weekend he went to his first retreat- Remix! I had to drive my vehicle b/c of the car seat and I really should have taken a picture of it....literally filled to the brim with his stuff, and I thought of everything, and brought it too! Thankfully our whole group was in this one huge cabin and it had a "director's room" that we were able to stay in (otherwise I don't think we would have gone). It was really nice with its own bathroom, basically a little hotel room, perfect for the situation. To prepare for this excursion we began 3 weeks ago practicing taking naps in the pack n play since he hasn't slept in there for a long time and when he did, it was up top. We wanted him to really be a part of things so we made him some iron ons for a onesie to match the rest of us! Too cute!

We got there about 9ish Friday night, after hearing him scream for half of the drive (he still is not a fan of long rides in the car). We quickly found out that Roman did not like all the noise the kids made and how it echoed all over the wooden cabin. I was nervous of how he would sleep in a new place like this, but like we say "he's a champ!", he slept from 11 til 7!!!! Dude rocks! He took 2 naps later on in the day, as easy as ever to lay down and go straight to sleep. Roman also made lots of new friends with all the chaperones and the girls-chick's those blue eyes and dimples! He was so worn out Saturday from all the fun he had from things like watching Mommy on the high ropes course(including the swinging bridge), that he was falling out at the bonfire.

I told Reed on the way to Remix that if he sleeps, does not get sick there and does not get sick from being there when we get home, then I will say it was a victory.

Our family is still all well, even after we had a girl go home from Remix with a fever, that we later found out was Swine flu....yay for hand sanitizer!......V I C T O R Y!!!!

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  1. Yay for Roman! And mommy and daddy too! It is like moving to go somewhere with a baby, even for a day! Glad ya'll had a good time. Owens Cross Roads. What? Did someone say something?