Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Mom! Look, I'm blogging!

Well...I've done it...yes, I've joined the blogging world. I guess I think my thoughts and experiences need to be shared with the world, or my closest family and friends. I'm not promising anything spectacular and anything life changing, or even grammatically correct... see I've already started, I just checked the spelling of "grammatically". But maybe something in here can inform you or make your day a little brighter. But probably just make you think, "Wow! Bridget really is screwed up!"
One thing I can already tell you is I had to make this blog presentable to "Bridget standards" before its grand opening! So far, it's at least fun to decorate! Maybe I can figure some more out about it to highten its cute factor! Give me time, I do have a 7 month old son that thinks crawling is for babies and he's a big boy that will either roll to where he wants to go or stand up and leap! Can you already tell these will be written during naptime since I have to keep my eyes peeled at all times?!

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